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Mark Midas Ed-Orta Rayan

Director: Business Development


Mark is our consultancy, brokerage and business investment expert since 2007. He has a wide range of experience in business investment consultancy as well as in project management, evaluation, analysis and development. He has successfully negotiated and procured business investment opportunities across West Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa for the company’s prospective investors and successfully procured numerous government contracts across the continent. He furthermore has a wealth of experience in sourcing and monitoring of commodity trade, identifying market opportunities, planning market penetration and structuring contracts to facilitate international trade transactions. With in-depth experience within the consultancy and brokerage circles, he is highly strategic and creative with an amazing problem-solving skill. With his expertise, clients can always count on Ideal Touch Consult for results.


Petra van Liere

Director: Research and Project Management

Petra van Liere brings on board the Ideal Touch Team a wealth of experience with a Master Degree distinction from the University of Brighton, UK, in Tourism and International Development, a Bachelor Degree in International Tourism Management and Consultancy from the NHTV Breda University in Netherlands, a Tourism and International Cooperation for Development Degree from UN World Tourism Organization and a Specialization Certificate in Challenges in Global Affairs (International Relations) from Leiden University, the Netherlands and Geneva University, Swizerland. Petra van Liere is a trained and practicing freelance research consultant for Euromonitor and other private research organizations. Her business experience cuts across a wide spectrum of business developments enhanced with her rich knowledge experience at several levels of global business affairs. She has an enviable six years research work experience across Africa especially South Africa, The Gambia, Tanzania and Ghana.  Petra van Liere has excellent managerial, business relations and business organizational skills gained through her extensive work in consumer market research and business risk analysis. She is highly motivated, knowledgeable, pro-active, organized and solution driven making your Ideal Touch experience fulfilling.

Andrew Adom Brock

Board Chairman

Andrew is a chartered accountant by profession and our board chairman with over thirty years of experience in business planning, auditing, financial accounting, business management, strategic leadership and banking. He has held several senior positions including Financial Executive Director at First Atlantic Bank and is currently the Chief Financial Officer at the Frist African Savings and Loans Ltd. He has excellent interpersonal skills, dynamic managerial qualities and he is an innovation when it comes to organizational crisis management. One of his key achievements is his contribution to bring First Atlantic Bank from a meagre start-up capital of GHC 100 000 in 1995 to a net worth of GHS 48 million in 2012. His experience undoubtedly adds up to the wealth of experience Ideal Touch Consult offers to its clients and his services are readily available to give your business an ideal touch.


Stacey Buckman

Director: Project Development/ Management


Stacey Buckman is a dynamic administrator, an educationist, a veteran business strategist, a multi-task professional, an intelligent marketing contriver and a well-woven entrepreneur with precious decades of experience. Stacey is a UK trained educationist with her work at the primary school levels of education over the years. She is also passionate about natural health and wellness having trained in the UK as a professional Personal Trainer. With her zeal for a quality education for all as the key to bringing change, she has spent quality time understanding child growth and the learning process in the educational environment. Improving teaching and learning in the academic environment formed one of her core goals during her years of experience as she believes knowledge is power. Stacey brings on board to the Ideal Touch Team the energy and competence in driving success in every set goal, with her multi-tasking skills and her problem solving approach. Joining the Ideal Touch Teams offers Stacey an opportunity to deploy her skills in affecting lives, growing businesses and changing the world. With her core business values, competence and strategies, your experience with the Ideal Touch Team will be guaranteed to have an Ideal Touch.

Stavros Dery Dolius

Manager: IT and Accounts Support

Dery is a qualified accountant with years of experience in the gold mining industry, with a proven track record and integrity. He began his career with TNS Ghana and went further to other management positions in MOS Mining Ltd, DIRISA Co. Ltd and Rinas Restaurants Ltd. He is a proven entrepreneur and with a vast wealth of knowledge in international law, arbitration, English law and commerce. He is a craftsman with a “hands on-can do mentality”. He is sufficiently competent in TSCM management with practical experience in information technology and management information systems. As a self-motivated team unit, Dery brings to the team the needed verve and impetus to ensure complete client satisfaction and positive results.


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