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Ideal Touch Consult is offering 21st century education management solutions that improves effectiveness and efficiency of the teaching and learning process. The new blended mobile learning solutions have been tailored to meet the needs of Educational Institutions, Prospective Students and Professionals in Academia.



Our blended mobile learning solution is designed to meet the needs of the primary, secondary, tertiary and professional levels of education in a collaboration where the full blended mobile learning system is developed and set up with the cooperation of I.T. departments of Associate Educational Institutions and made ready for student use at no initial set up capital cost to the concerned institution after a revenue module share agreement per the number of users is reached.


The system provides a one-stop solution for all institutional administrative needs (human resource management, transport, assets, financials, payrolls, conferenced platform collaboration for staff discussions and meetings etc.) and academic needs (electronic fee payments, automated penalties for fee default, resource automated access controls, lessons, tests, attendance, pre-programmed lessons, exercises and examinations, manual marking tools, academic transcripts, admissions, scholarships, publishers sales portals, E-library, students electronic voting solutions, electronic notices boards etc.).


Our comprehensive blended learning E-solution would offer you convenience with more efficient and effective management control tools in monitoring progress of every staff, department and student on a day-to-day basis from any location across all campuses anywhere in the world with endless possibilities. Our team's experience remains enviable after developing and deploying the first mobile learning solution in West Africa in partnership with Microsoft with embedded portals as an add-on in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, handling 10.000 plus students in a collaboration with IBM through all its ownership transitions from Hot Lava, Out Stacks and Kenexa Inc.


Our mobile learning solution ranks amongst the world's best and responsive to all devices with fully developed web and Android versions enabling learners’ access to learning contents offline. Learn more on how our blended mobile learning solution can be used in teaching and learning to more than triple existing financial year revenue of your institution while increasing student enrolment capacity with no additional infrastructure cost.



Ideal Touch Consult also offers Education Consultancy Services to graduates of Senior High School / pre-University students in Africa and beyond, seeking to pursue tertiary education in Ghana. Ideal Touch Consult provides prospective students' assistance in finding the right Universities and understanding requirements of the application process.


We furthermore offer long-term and short-term internship opportunities for international students studying in Ghana and abroad who wish to pursue internships and practical work experience programs in Ghana. From our head office in Accra, we work together with partners in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Liberia who are receiving prospective students on our behalf for inquiries.

Ideal Touch Consult gives students and professionals the opportunity to enrol in accredited educational short training programmes in affiliation with high-standing universities and professional institutions in Ghana.  Course contents are taught by both on-the-field practitioners as well as professional practicing lecturers and delivered in dynamic, practical, interactive participative feedback learning methodologies, giving students and professionals international knowledge experience with an opportunity to boost their CVs, earn extra academic points and increase their competitiveness on the job market.


We furthermore give students the flexibility to enrol in accredited educational short course training programmes via our online platform. This option gives students and professionals certified accreditations by high-standing universities and institutions in Ghana after undertaking designated programs. Lecture material are available in the form of videos, e-books, handouts, audio materials, etc. Participants would be accredited with a certificate after successfully completing full course programs. Undertaking the short training programmes via our online training platform offers students' the flexibility to undertake the course in their own time over a scheduled period while saving costs and time on travelling to the institution's physical premises for the duration of the course.

N.B. Web portals for studies are developed specifically for each program


Our state of the art academic online library provides authors and publishers with amazing administrative tools that helps them achieve the following:

  • Create password protected inbox portals of their own to upload or remove content

  • Create content for selected preview audience only such as students of a selected institutions only, students of a particular class of a selected institution only, the general public etc.

  • Create offline content accessibility

  • Create a lifespan period for each content determining when preview access is deactivated for prescribed users

  • Receiving direct payment access from sales revenue into selected bank accounts, online/ electronic money wallets and mobile money accounts.

  • Automated revenue payment tool for  the designated publisher and author of content

  • Content user review assessment tools via workbook creation tools with automated scoring functions and academic report generation tools for every user of each book.


In general Publishers, Academia and Writers are able to patronise the platform of our Online Library to promote and sell their books, articles, work books etc. to a larger audience of students, professionals and the general public via their mobile phones, receiving revenue directly for each online copy purchased. The online environment protects the author from illegal duplication and distribution of proprietary contents to secure copyrights and patents.

Our Publisher Platform is simply a secured solution for all lecturers, teachers and authors, curbing the problem of unauthorized and illegal distribution and duplication of printed books, handouts, articles, research work etc, illegally reproduced over and over again by users.

Academic Content Writers can now use the platform to maximize income for their work and the cost per user tremendously falls and becomes cheaper, increasing access to academic knowledge.

Students may sign up to the platform to access a wide range of academic resources for their project works via their mobile phones and any electronic device. Academic Resources can now be used for the enhancement of students’ studies providing easy access to subject contents which are scarce and expensive due to high cost of hard copy production, shipping expenses and the high cost of distribution across the world.

For more information, please do contact us via or +233 (0)26 618 2888 / +233 (0)55 399 8726 / +233 (0)54 083 8982.

Need more details? Contact us.

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